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End of Life Vehicles | Car Dismantlers

End of life life vehicles IrelandIf you have been involved in an accident then there is a chance that your car could be declared a write off. When a car is in good shape, it has monetary value even if it is used. However when it is involved in an accident, its value depreciates. When the costs of repairing a car after it has been in an accident are higher than the value of the car before the accident, your insurance company will simply pay you the monetary value of the car and declare the spoiled car a write off. In this case, they are cutting down on repair costs. Other issues that determine if a car will be declared write off can be availability of spare parts to repair it.

End of life vehicle facilities

Apart from write offs; there are other vehicles that are taken to end of life vehicle facilities or car breakers Northern Ireland for recycling like road unworthy vehicles. Since there is much for environmental conservation, such vehicles should not be left lying in the streets. They should be recycled. This is why there are several end of life vehicle facilities ready to do that for you. These authorized treatment facilities will take you your car to a safer place where it will be recycled. The company should be legitimate and licensed to ensure that you will get what you rightfully deserve. These days, car recycling is a business that is run by professionals who adhere to the country’s legislation. There is a process that is used to recycle end of life vehicles after they have been declared write offs.

Processes of car recycling

Vehicle inspection – After the end of life vehicle has been taken to a facility; it is inspected for any possible hazards like fuel leakage or deployed air bags.

Car depollution – Most importantly, the car is taken to a bay for depollution. This helps to remove any chances of environmental contamination. First all the fuel will be drained off and the battery removed. If it is in good shape, it will be cleaned and taken for a resale. The tyres and wheels are then removed and depending on their value they can be recycled or resold.

AC Removal and airbag deployment – These two parts of the ni used cars are usually removed carefully to ensure that they do not affect the environment. Since air conditioners contain CFCs, they are disposed of properly or stored safely for recycling.

Dismantling – The most useful parts of the vehicle will be removed and the vehicle gets disassembled. The only parts that will be removed at this stage are those of very high value. They will be resold at a good price as the facility tries to recover the value of the car from the sale.

After this entire process, the end of life vehicles are taken to the bailing are where specific parts like the engine are removed and kept in the recycling store. Other parts like the radiator also have their own recycling store. The vehicle body is then inspected for any usable parts and later considered as scrap metal. The only car parts being grouped as scrap metals are those that do not have value to be sold separately.

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