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Vehicle Recycling in Ireland

Vehicle recycling is the process of dismantling of motor vehicles for spare parts. When motorcars come to the end of their lifetime “useful life”, they convert into a source of spare parts and this has led to the creation of an ever busy vehicle dismantling industry in Ireland as it is in the rest of the world.

Vehicle recycling had always happened to some extent, however, in recent years; car manufacturers have become part and parcel of the process. A car crusher is used often for purposes of minimizing the sizes of the scrapped car easing transportation to a steel mill.

The processes of Vehicle Recycling in Ireland

In Ireland, there are four phases that are effected to ensure that the end-of-life cars become recycled in an environmentally friendly way. The four phases are; controlled return of the motorcar, the pre-treatment stage, the dismantling stage and finally the recycling stage.

The Recycling Stage: the vehicle recycling process starts through controlled return of the motor vehicle back to an approved take back facility. Note that only such facilities are mandated by law to issue Certificate of Destruction (COD) which is a requirement for the motorcar deregistration.

Pre-Treatment Stage: the point in which the vehicle’s battery is taken out including all pyrotechnic materials including airbags become defused. The car is then preserved using a variety of de-pollution apparatus so that the operating fluids and additional materials are removed successfully.

This is the same stage where air-conditioning structure refrigerant is siphoned off, the transmission oil and radiator are drained off. Any other remaining fuel is extracted off through the use of a distinct drilling mechanism using a draining tool.

The siphoned off and drained fluids are separated in different containers in-line with the type of recycling or processing by dedicated waste management firms.

The Dismantling Phase: this is the time where reusable or recycle-able car parts are pulled into pieces. Recycling experts determine the kind of vehicle parts that are great for salvaging and which parts are reusable in their novel function. Find Car Breakers NI

Cherished materials including expensive metals recycled in the catalytic converter get recycled through an isolated material cycle.

The Recycling Stage: the stage in which replacement parts together with recoverable materials are taken down to pieces, the remaining shell is ferried to a slicing facility so that it can be processed further. The hulks of the car are reduced into palm-size pieces and are sorted afterwards. Textiles, materials, ferrous & non-ferrous metals get transported to and processed in specialized plants.


The Laws of Vehicle Recycling in Ireland

  • End of Life Vehicle SHOULD be taken to a car dismantling company for it to be dismantled and stripped of reuse-able parts before it is taken to a shredding company.
  • The Reuse process should be logged, certified and finally signed off in a similar manner as the de-pollution process.


What are options that Consumers have when they want to recycle their cars in Ireland?

When it comes to recycling their cars, consumers can choose to salvage many parts of the car such as; the electronics, seats, parts of the engine or frame of their cars to sell off to a second hand dealer or leave the salvage company to use the salvaged parts.


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